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Abigail Richardson-Schulte by Marta Hewson.jpg
Abigail Richardson-Schulte

Composer Abigail Richardson-Schulte was born in Oxford, England, and moved to Canada as a child. Ironically, she was diagnosed incurably deaf at 5, but, upon moving to Canada her hearing was fully intact within months. Her music has been commissioned and performed by major orchestras, presenters, music festivals and broadcasters including the Festival Présences of Paris. She has been Composer-In-Residence for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra since 2012, not only writing for the orchestra but also giving public talks, hosting interviews and concerts as well as directing the orchestra’s esteemed Composer Fellowship 

program. Abigail also teaches composition at the University of Toronto. Prize wins include the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers, Karen Kieser Prize and a Dora Award for Best New Opera. Her orchestral “hit”, The Hockey Sweater, has had over 180 performances in Canada and a dozen performances in France, often with Abigail hosting from the stage.

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